Jul 29, 2009

16 years old Filipina win Bronze Medal in Germany

Good news Filipinos!!!! Another young Filipina bring prides to our country in the field of Mathematics. Carmella Antoinette Lao won bronze in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Bremen,Germany.

Lao a 16 years old third year high school student from St.Jude Catholic School in Manila won a bronze medal in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO),the oldest math contest in the world. Lao made history in IMO by becoming the first female Filipino contestant who won a medal in the contest.

The contest was held in the Germany from July 10-22. The contest was participated by 565 contestant from 104 countries including, China,USA Russia,Japan South Korea etc..

Hard work, training and support from the loving parents was her instrument for her success. Lao thanked God and her loving present for her success in the contest.

The Philippine Team was composed of 4 student from different school namely Carmela Lao- St. Jude Catholic School, Carlo Francisco Adajar- PAREF Southridge School,Earl John Cua and Jonathan Wong- Grace Christian High School.

Another proof that Filipino are very competent worldwide and highly intellectual that can compete with the giant competitors. A salute to the young mathematicians of our race.

Proud to be Pinoy!!!!!!

Jul 25, 2009

State of the Nation Address ( SONA)

Earlier this afternoon the Pres. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo will deliver her ninth and probably the last State of the Nation Address for the people of the Republic of the Philippines. As I watched it on the delayed telecast (because of different time here in Dubai).

The SONA is one of the biggest and awaited political events for the politicians and concern citizen of the nation. In this event the chief of staff of the Philippines state her plans, vision and accomplishment. Some politicians preparing for this event shown in their nationalism and expensive dress as a fashion.

The event was held in Session Hall, Batasan Pambansa Complex Batasan Hill Quezon City Philippines. The SONA of the president started with the prayer offer to former president Ms.Corazon Aquino.

The president strongly declare the nation that she will never ever declare Martial Law. She also told the public that she will not step down the presidency until 2010 election is done. She reply on her critics and some political issue throw to her administration.

The president elaborate all the accomplishment under her administration such as education, health, infrastructure, jobs and a strong economic status of the country despite of the global recession. Is this really happen? Why lots of Filipino still in the poverty? How about the corruption of her cabinet member and relatives?

She also inform the public of what to expect under her leadership for the next year. I have no question or objection with this just hoping that it will happen not just a promise.

Being the president of the country, it is not easy to face all the pressure and criticism. The expectation of her administration and the economics situation is also not easy to solved. Leadership need support from her subordinate and what ever the failure of her cabinets is also a failure for her.

I'm not a pro or anti administration but I am a concern Filipino citizen. I just trying to be fair, that it is not the leader who succeed but the followers and supporter. We criticized the president, it OK because we are in the democratic country but do we also do something to help the country? Or we just like to criticized?

For complete story of her SONA, click here.

Jul 21, 2009

Jeepney (dyip-nee)

Did you heard the word "patok" (popular). Patok is the term usually used for the jeepney loaded with accessories and with pleasing sound to the passenger and the fast running vehicles from the Philippines known as " jeepney"
The Philippine "king of the road" and only found in the Philippines. Jeepney are the most popular means of transportation in the Philippines, in Metro and in the provinces. The jeepney became a part of the culture and tradition of the Philippines. A multi- seater vehicle PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) which very common on the main roads of the country. A cheap way of transportation that fit the allowance of the student and a minimum base salary for the employee.
It was also a symbol of Filipino creativity,innovativeness and ingenuity.Nowadays it became a tarnished icon, its threatented from many fronts such as rising cost and competition of the "cheaper alternative" (is there any cheaper than this vehicle) as bullied goverment regulation. Whatever happens jeepney become a part of our tradition.

Some of the well-known jeepney manufacturer /mark in the Philippines includes:

Sarao (pioneer in jeepney production)
Armak ( one of the largest)
Mega (which also produces the Lanceta line in Lipa)
MalagueƱa (well known factory in Cavite)
LGS Motors
Marinel (jeepney makers based in Rizal)

Jul 19, 2009

Pinoy Students Bagged 27 Medals in Math Quiz

Check this out fellow Filipino!!! Another news breaking for the young Filipinos who compete in the worldwide event.
A group of Filipino High School student from different school bagged 27 medals in Math quiz held in Durban South Africa from July 5- 10, 2009. The 10th Inter-cities competetion (IWYMIC) was participated by 19 different countries. The success of the young mathematician was reported by Mathematics Trainers Guild( MTG )- Philippines.

The students and their coaches arrived in Manila Saturday. This is reportedly the first time in the country's participation in the contest that all Filipino contestants won a medal each. “The training of these students paid off. Accomplishment is easy when we work the hardest,” said Dr. Simon Chua, head of the Philippine delegation and president of the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), which trained the contestants for the competition. Besides Dr. Chua, the other leaders of the group were Dr. Eduardo Dela Cruz, dean of the School of Education and Normal of Arellano University; Dr. Isidro Aguilar, supervisor of the Division of City Schools of Taguig and Pateros; and Sheryl Lejos from the Science Education Institute (SEI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). About 228 high school students from 19 countries joined the contest including Canada, China, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the Philippines.Another batch of Filipino students will compete in several math contests in China and Singapore in August.
The following is the name of our great Mathematicians:
Bronze Medalist
1. Geraldine Baniqued (St. Paul College- Pasig)
2.John Russel Virata (Gideon Academy)
3. Zheng Rong Wu (Zamboanga Chong Hua High School)
4. Matthew Chris Chan ( St. Stephen's High School)
5. Vance Eldric Go (St Jude Catholic School- Manila)
6. Elvis Jeremy Ayroso (Philippine Science High School- Main Campus)
4 Student with Individual Merit
1. Andrian Raphael Co ( Xavier School)
2. Ostin John Ong (Bacolod Trinity Christian School)
3. Arielle Elise Chua (St. Jude Catholic School)
4. Paolo Manuel Iyulores (Ateneo de Manila High School)
Group Contest Team A (First Runner-Up)
1. Geraldine Baniqued (St. Paul College-Pasig)
2. Arielle Elise Chua ( St. Jude Catholic School)
3. John Russel Virata (Gideon Academy)
4. Zheng Rong Wu (Zamboanga Chong Hua High School)
Group Contest Team B (Second Runner-Up)
1. Matthew Chris Chan
2. Andrian Raphael Co
3. Vance Eldric Go
4. Ostin John Ong
Group Contest Team C
1. Elvir Jeremy Ayroso
2. Paulo Manuel Iyulores
3. Jannsen Khotahv (Philippine Cultural College)
4. Hanz Vladimir cabanes (Zamboanga Chong Hua High School)
1. Sarah Jane Cua ( Pangasinan Universal Institute) -Bronze Medalist Individual Contest
Another reason to be proud of as Filipino. A salute for you young Mathematicians.